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Cymru Rydd is a Welsh Republican Political Movement dedicated to restoring Welsh Culture, History, Traditions and Identity through a “political” approach.

Cymru Rydd is supported and backed by the newly reformed F.W.A. which is a Paramilitary Welsh Nationalist Organisation which is focused on establishing an independent Wales Republic.

Together both Cymru Rydd and the F.W.A. will attempt to restore Wales to its former glory by releasing Britain’s tight grip and slowly sever all ties and connections with the British dictators and foreign government who control our lands.

Wales will once again be free!

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In an increasingly illogical and unstable world the time has come for full Welsh sovereignty. There are no more excuses left for Wales.  We the citizens of Wales have every right to fully protect and determine the security and well being of our future and the future of our childrens children. It is time for us to do what is right and what is just. When push comes to shove no one will have Wales’ back covered unless we have it covered ourselves.

Wales deserves politicians that will fight tooth and nail for what’s best for Wales all the time and in all areas – not some of the time and in some areas.We urge all members of the current Welsh Senedd and Government to realise the inherent and considerable dangers facing a Wales that is dependent on an increasingly unhinged Westminster Government; its failed economic planning and its immoral foreign policies, and call upon our Welsh representatives to therefore work towards the normal and natural Sovereign way in which any country should be run. It is time.

Mae’r amser i greu esgusodion ag i feio eraill wedi pasio. Dim ond Cymru a’i phobol all ddiogelu a gwarchod dyfodol Cymru, a dyfodol plant ein plant. Dim ond dinasyddion Cymru sydd a’r hawl i hawlio be sydd yn perchen i’r wlad a’i phobol, a dim ond dinasyddion Cymru sydd a’r hawl i benderfynnu sut yr ydym eisiau byw ein bywydau a llywio ein dyfodol ein hunain.

We are Sovereign. Cymru am byth.

Movement for a Sovereign State of Wales / Mudiad Gwladwriaeth Sofren Cymru.

“Dream, don’t be afraid to have dreams” – Chris Coleman, Wales Football Team Manager

Westminster and the European Union are selling out Wales and Britain without us having any real say. Their disastrous economic planning, draconian laws and immoral foreign policies make them dangerous and morally bankrupt institutions that will ruin all of our futures.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We the citizens of Wales can do far far better. Welsh sovereignty from Westminster and the EU would mean that Wales can pay its own way in the world with its own debt free currency.

Working with the other nations of Britain and elsewhere in friendship and trade, we can also pick the best and most common sense ideas from left and right politics and ensure future security and prosperity for all those that call Wales home.

Whether you’re born and bred in Wales or have come here more recently, help us to build a prosperous and sovereign Wales for today and for future generations.



Cymru Sovereign is a political party registered with and regulated by the Electoral Commission. The party is registered to stand in elections in Wales. The party complies with the  Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA).

Cymru Sovereign is a constitutional, patriotic party for all the citizens of Wales whomever they are. We fully believe that Wales can become a prosperous outward looking sovereign state in the world, to add to the other 206 sovereign states that currently exist.

We believe in being conservative where we think conservatism is essential for the public good, and in being radical where radical reform is needed. We ask you to reject fear, to join us and to believe in hope and a future for all.

We are for everyday capitalism that allows everyone in society to improve their lives and enjoy the fruits of their labour but against the out of control corporatism that is undermining and taking over governments and the economies of countries, as can be seen at Westminster and the EU where corporate power is gaining the upper hand over democratic governance.

We are for a mixed economy and common sense balance between the free market and state regulation and support where it is needed to protect our economy.

We believe both in the fundamental natural rights of life, liberty and property. We believe in individual liberty as well as in the benefits of strong communities and social harmony. In short, we believe in people and their inalienable right to live their lives as natural persons, with a constitution that protects equality of rights of all and with limited interference by government.

Economic sovereignty and prosperity for Wales means we would quickly end the crippling austerity forced on us from London and allow Wales to print its own currency relative to its GDP rather than get into increased debt by borrowing from private sources with added crippling interest. This is defined as Sovereign Money creation as groups such as Positive Money are promoting.

A Welsh currency could run parallel to pound Sterling use in Wales. A debt free Welsh currency would be used for the productive and SME economy of Wales as well as towards developing infrastructure such as a new ultra fast, modern Maglev railways system, a new Welsh electrical power grid, renewable energy projects such as tidal lagoons, and new state of the art schools and hospitals.

This could all reduce if not eradicate unemployment from Wales and help towards creating a high wage economy and increased prosperity for all, eradicating Wales’ current status as a poverty stricken begging bowl country reliant on decreasing crumbs from Westminster and from European subsidies.

We are proud to call Wales our country and also proud to call Britain our island which we share with its other nations. We celebrate the incredible Brythonic/Brittonic heritage that the Welsh Britons can claim as being the original sovereign indigenous nation of the whole of Britain as well as the fact that the Welsh language is the original British language – a language that belongs to all of Britain and its people and whomever else wants to learn it. The Welsh language is still the second most spoken language in Britain today.

The Welsh Brythonic heritage has also given Common Law to Britain and the world – a pioneering law system that King of the Britons Dyfnwal Moelmud is documented as having written in around 400-500 BC and which is commonly known as Cyfreithiau Moelmud/Molmutine Laws. These were later adopted and incorporated by Alfred the Great of England and Hywel Dda, and later exported around the world, notably to the United States of America.

Another part of the heritage of the Welsh Britons that’s currently criminally omited from education curricilums across Wales and the other nations of Britain, is that the original Welsh Britons were a highly advanced, civilised and literate nation over a thousand years before the Romans arrived. It is by now also generally accepted by historians that the first Christian Church in the world was established by the Welsh Britons in Britain in the first century AD and Christianity taken to Rome from Britain rather than the other way round. These are incredibly important parts of our heritage which our education and academic establishments are bizarelly and criminally refusing to acknowledge and teach to our young people. This will also have to change. The Tysilio Chronicle (Brut y Bryttaniait) which can be found under the document name ‘Jesus College MS LXI’ at Jesus College, Oxford is an incredible chronicle of the early Britons. It should be studied as part of the education curricilums of all the the nations of Britain. An English language translation by W.R Cooper of this important historical document can be found here

We welcome controlled and sustainable levels of skilled immigration and assimilation in to Wales as a natural part of the organic growth of a country and support asylum seekers seeking Welsh refuge who are genuinely fleeing for their lives and have nowhere else to go. We reject the attempt by the media to manipulate and emotionally blackmail public opinion in order push an acceptance of unlimited and unverified mass migration.

A Sovereign state of Wales would be a secular state. However the core values and principles on which Christianity is based should also be recognised as an important part of the heritage and moral fabric of Wales and Britain regardless of any official organised religion or religious denomination.

We believe that the UK crown owned state and the corporate owned media has become a dangerous liability to all the people of Wales and Britain, is lawfully and morally bankrupt and has sold out all the people of Wales and Britain to the EU and the transnational corporations. The Westminster political establishment has by now little if no legitimate standing considering that it has been involved in at least three known illegal invasions and attacks on sovereign states in the last 15 years alone, leading to the deaths of well over a million known civilians. This as well as mass reported paedophilia, its massive economic failures, corruption, and a deliberate unlimited open door and unchecked immigration policy that is destabilising and undermining social cohesion in Britain due to sheer numbers and speed.

Wales has every right to start looking at protecting its own interests and sovereignty in the face of such unlawfulness as is seen at Westminster and Brussels. We also hope that England and Scotland would also recognise these dangers and that Wales, England and Scotland (and Northern Ireland and the islands around Britain if they so wish) can start a genuine alliance of the equal sovereign nations of Britain and surrounding isles when it comes to mutual interest such as defence, free trade and free movement.

The present polarised system of ping pong politics and the left/right paradigm party system has become meaningless and defunct. It prevents real dialogue and common sense from playing its crucial part in constructive politics. As is a creeping culture of political correctness, thought policing and big brother surveillance which is crippling the fundamental right of free thought and freedom of speech.

We want to see the best solutions for Wales used from across the whole political spectrum. All political opinions in Wales should be heard in order for positive solutions to be found for all. These can be anchored and tempered by a Welsh constitution that protects the rights of all its citizens regardless of their differing politics and views.

What unites us is a country called Wales. The sovereignty and differences of countries is what creates diversity, respect and understanding on earth – without this sovereign diversity we are destined for a global tyranny and uniformity. Speak truth to power. Join a country fighting for a better future and to play its part in a world united by its differences. Support Cymru Sovereign. Support hope not fear.

Cymru Sovereign founder, Party Leader and Nominating Officer is Gruff Meredith. The Treasurer is Justin Lilley

“Cyfoeth di-derfyn mewn lle bach” – Heini Gruffudd


A Ten Point Vision

In a sovereign Wales we would want:

1. A prosperous Wales for all that will pioneer via a publicly owned Cental Bank of Wales and the debt free creation of a Welsh pound currency to run alongside pound Sterling in Wales.

2. Yes to EU friendship and free trade. No to EU membership, TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and the undemocratic, dangerous corporate take over of countries.

3. Tax free income up to £12,000. Above that, a simplified, low flat rate income tax rate for all which would include National Insurance contributions. VAT should also be reduced to 5% for all. Abolish business rates, inheritance tax, employers tax, tax on pensions and other unfair, meddling taxes.

4. Keep the Welsh NHS and education free. Scrap all higher education and university tuition fees as was the norm before 1998. Overhaul the postal service, railways, the steel industry and our plentiful Welsh energy resources and keep them in public ownership.

5. A common sense firm but fair points system for immigration in to Wales in line with our needs and capacity. Scrap the current disastrous local development housing plans and ensure that new and social housing are built to cater for local needs first and foremost.

6. A citizen income offered to all those unemployed or on low earnings which would replace most current welfare payments and encourage and help people to work rather than discourage them.

7. Yes to Welsh clean coal, tidal and hydro power and efficient solar and wind power meaning thousands of new jobs. No to dangerous and heavily subsidised nuclear power and fracking.

8. A constitution and bill of rights to protect every citizen in Wales regardless of creed, origin or race and a stop put on out of control snooping and surveillance powers.

9. A well funded, well trained Welsh Defence Force and Navy using our existing military bases and Welsh regiments – and Wales no longer dragged into illegal wars by a corrupt, morally bankrupt Westminster.

10. A big no to all GMO products and toxic herbicides such as Glyphosate and a ‘Fair trade for Wales’ plan with the setting up of a supermarket chain run and owned by Welsh producers and farmers, with set minimum pricing for their core products in existing supermarkets across Wales.

How would Wales pay for all of this?

This is a crucial question. The answer is that Wales would pay its own way by establishing its own bank and issuing its own currency relative to the GDP of Wales, so as to avoid inflation.  This is the same Sovereign Money idea proposed by the group Positive Money in general. Wales can be prosperous for all and pioneer via a publicly owned Central Bank of Wales and the debt free creation of a Welsh pound currency to run alongside pound Sterling in Wales.

This Welsh pound, for the foreseeable future, could be de facto pegged at parity to Sterling (as Ireland did very successfully from 1928-1978 after becoming a sovereign state in 1916), and both currencies accepted interchangeably in Wales. This would be a dual/parallel currency system where both the Welsh pound and pound Sterling would be officially accepted tender in Wales but the Welsh pound would not be necessarily officially accepted in England or the rest of the UK.

As also generally proposed by Positive Money, the amount of money (Welsh pound) to be created every year in Wales would be decided by an independent, accountable and transparent Welsh Monetary Currency Commitee and proportional to the change in GDP. This would ensure that the currency maintains its value and provide zero or near zero inflation. This money would be given periodically to whatever government would be in power in Wales and they would then decide how they would like to spend it.

According to the Government Expenditure and Revenue Wales 2016 report published by the Wales Governance Centre, the estimated GDP of Wales in 2014-2015 was £61,507 billion and the amount spent on Wales by the UK Government in the same year, including the Welsh block grant, was £38.0 billion. From these figures you can see how hugely transformational printing our own Welsh pound would be for Wales. The report also shows that Wales collected £23.3 billion in taxes in 2014-2015 which would be further increased by a having a thriving Welsh economy, having more people in work and enticing international companies to be based here via lower corporation tax and reduced red tape from coming out of the EU. Considerable additional revenue would also be created for the state through loans lent to the private high street banks by the Central bank and by the minting of notes and coins – a process known as seigniorage.

Crucially and perhaps most importantly, any money given to the Welsh Government by the Bank of Wales (following the directions of the Monetary Currency Commitee) would be non repayable. In other words, it would be debt free and no interest or loan would have to be paid back whatsoever – it would be given, not lent.

Wales has every reason, if not also a moral duty to do this, and start paying its own way in the world without having to be dependant on handouts from Westminster and the EU.

We are Sovereign. Cymru am byth.

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