Ultra-Nationalists have deep personal commitment to the defence of their nation-state.

Ultra-Nationalists are honourable patriots in the true sense – informed and respectful of their distinct national race, culture, heritage, anthropology, genetics – which they prize.

Ultra-nationalists are the champions of their cultural birthright and will defend their family and national integrity with their life irrespective of collateral consequences.

Citizen Combat Readiness:

  • Stay legal
  • Vent nationalist concerns anonymously
  • Keep your day job
  • Stash cash reserve in a home safe
  • Pay off debt
  • Assess personal risks
  • Decree estate plans – powers of attorney, end-of-life planning in order
  • Build a strong room
  • Read up on Survival Food Systems and stockpile accordingly
  • Select nationalist media to absorb and monitor helpful information and news
  • Establish and adhere to a healthy, balanced diet and fitness regime
  • Learn and build self-defence skills
  • Maintain annual doctor health checkups including full-spectrum blood tests
  • Skill up by joining a national regimented force – military/emergency services for a limited time – but never divulge your nationalist sentiment
  • Register a firearm license
  • Purchase quality firearms and ammunition and secure legal storage at home
  • Join and train with a local gun club
  • Holiday with a hunting club, hone shooting skills and stay current
  • Join your nationalist political organisation and contribute as you are comfortable
  • Educate yourself in nationalist politics, home defence, national threats, local resources
  • Upskill yourself into a small business trade and start earning independent income – cash
  • Familiarise yourself with your own region and practice camping out