Americans dealing with blacks and muslims

So in Milwaukee Wisconsin, black African Sylville Smith (23) with a lengthy criminal record runs a red traffic light, is chased by police and then points his pistol at police.

Sylville Smith Milwaukee Officer Bodycam

In self defence, the police officer responds, fatally shooting Smith in the chest and arm. Smith still had 23 rounds in his pistol.  Police Lives Matter more!

So da niggers go rioting again.  They trash Milwaukee over two nights of riots, setting cars and businesses ablaze, aracist and with racist violence targeting ordinary White Americans.

Police arrested 14 people on Sunday, all adults and all for disorderly conduct.

“I won’t be happy until these creep rioters crawl back in their hole,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said on “America’s Newsroom” on Monday.

Milwaukee Nigger RiotSend dem all back to Africa

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says “There is a curfew that will be more strictly enforced tonight for teenagers. So parents, after 10 o’clock your teenagers better be home or in a place where they’re off the streets.”

Milwaukee has become the latest American city to be gripped by violence in response to police killings of black men in places such as Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014 and Baltimore last year.

The debate about guns, gun violence, and gun control in America is all wrong.

Based on a simple look at the facts, the disarming of blacks would significantly – and instantly – reduce gun violence in America.

More importantly, the fear of black criminality that convinces productive families to vacate urban America and move from suburb to suburb in search of a tranquil city to raise a family would also – instantly – be removed from the minds of white people.

You see, rampant black criminality – and the rational fear of black crime – is the reason cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis, Detroit, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, and St. Louis have become cities where few white faces are rarely seen in areas that are heavily..’black‘.

Negros simply should not have access to guns.

Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) can blame White racism for the poverty and poor conditions found in majority black areas of urban environments, but the reality is simply this: wherever black people numerically become the majority, the physical conditions of the community will degenerate immediately to a level befitting its new majority population.

Primarily law-abiding White Americans are (and always have) currently purchasing record amounts of guns and ammunition for three reasons: a rational fear of black crime; a rational fear that the government is clamping down on gun ownership and the 2nd Amendment and that it will ultimately use its power to disarm White America — the only people capable of restoring order out of the chaos in the modern racial democracy that exists in the United States; and, finally, that a “collapse” of some sorts is imminent.

But think about it: hasn’t a collapse of Biblical proportions already happened to 90 percent black Detroit; 75 percent black Birmingham; and others areas of the nation that can scarcely be called ‘civilized’ anymore?

Where black gun violence is as much a fact of life as welfare checks arriving at the first of the month and the EBT/Food Stamp/WIC card being reloaded at the same time?

What if innovation and an entrepreneur class were to return to these cities via the magic of gentrification?

All that serves as an impediment to the rebirth of cities like Detroit and Birmingham is the presence of scary black people – based on crime statistics, “scary” might not be too strong a word.

“Let a negro board a railroad train with a quart of mean whiskey and a pistol in his grip and the chances are that there will be a murder, or at least a row, before he alights.”

What if it became a crime for black people to own weapons?

Blacks with GunsNine were taken out in Charleston in 2015.

In New York, two Islamics have been taken out in Queens wearing Muslim rags.

The gunman approached the pair from behind after they left the Al-Furqan Jame Masjid mosque and shot both in the head at close range about 1:50pm (local time) in the Ozone Park neighbourhood.

Police say it is not a hate crime.

More like vigilante justice.  America is at war with Islam.

Infidels of BritainBlacks and Muslims are all of the backward Third World. They are a scourge on the civilized First World.