Rio Fiasco Olympics – Third World Folly

Tim Maia bike bath in Rio de Janeiro

Tim Maia Olympic bike bath folly in Rio de Janeiro – 2 died.


Come to the Rio Olympics in Third World Brazil and expect to:

  • Catch Zikka and souvenir birth to a monkey
  • Compete in water sports in sewage

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

  • Compete at midnight to fund sponsors
  • Get mugged, or worse
  • Have basic services fail
  • Athlete accommodation not ready
  • Run out of catering
  • Have equipment and infrastructure collapse
  • Get caught up in someone’s civil unrest
  • Die in a terrorist attack
  • Dive in a green pool
  • Not able to buy a ticket, yet stadiums almost empty
  • See drugged Russians win medals anyway.

Why friggen bovva?


Rio Olympic Sailing Ramp CollapsesSo, Enjoy Your Folly in Third World Brazil

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