America’s Domestic Enemy

Leftist Commie Zombies rioting in Washington DC and Portland OR hate America for America’s sake, because they are hateful drug-fueled anarchists of wealthy elite parents.

American citizens demand Law and Order.

Stop these black bloc masked looters and shop smashing criminals.

These black clad criminals are Hillary’s Hoodlums and America’s Domestic Enemy.

Arrest them. Identify them. Finger print and record them.

Know where they live and their elite globalist parents live.

These anti-Americans hiding in black simply hate America by publicly daring burn the American Flag.  They’s just nigger envies, wanning da be black Afros cos they’s on Obama welfare!

They are anti-American like the nigger slave race which ought go back to Africa and the Hispanics which ought go back to southern Hispanica.

None’s got patriotic rights to stay in America, land of the free!

Gitmo is the go!