Black anarchy and anti-White hate sweeps Africa

“Being Afrikaner in South Africa today is like being a Jew in 1930’s Germany, without the worldwide network of sympathy and support.

Every day now there is at least one white farmer murdered. Every day I open my Facebook account and there is another report.  Since the 5th of March (2016), there has been 12 white farmers murdered. Four of them belonged to a whole white family which was wiped out. A mother, a father, a grandfather visiting from England and a nine year old daughter.

The little girl’s body was found in the shed outside. She probably ran away to hide and they tracked her down and killed her.

whites-bludgeoned-to-death-by-the-negroThey were all bludgeoned to death


As usual nothing much was stolen. The liberal mainstream newspapers reported it might be because of a wage dispute, even blaming the father for perhaps being a racist. It actually made the mainstream news because it was a whole family wiped out at once and it would definitely seem strange to most folks still living with their eyes closed if something was at least not said.

As of Friday March 18, there was 69 attacks on white farmers in the last 71 days. They are being killed like flies. In most cases nothing is stolen. In most cases, there is torture or horrendous methods used to kill, often including rape.

At least another seven farmers are in critical condition after having been shot or stabbed or bludgeoned.


These are only the dead, only farmers and only up until yesterday. Yesterday the bodies of a white couple was found in their home as well. The wife lay in a drain pipe and the husband in the kitchen. The wife had been strangled and her neck broken. The husband was stabbed eighteen times.

A white family of four was tortured for hours; a grandmother and her two grandsons and one of the grandson’s girlfriends. They raped the girlfriend repeatedly and tortured them all by hitting them with bricks and sjamboks and pouring boiling water over them.

There are other reports, but I think you do get the picture. Nothing was mentioned in the mainstream media about the other reports and deaths. Nothing. Only on Facebook where the Boers circulate it amongst themselves.

We, the Boers and Afrikaners, are being ostracized like never before. Zuma (our president) has announced they will be instituting something called a blacklist for racists. We all know, or at least those with enough sense, that is just another word for white people that dare open their mouths and complain about what is happening to their people.
Today was a public holiday in South Africa, Human Rights Day, or the commemoration of the Sharpeville attack of 1976. Before the weekend major corruption charges once again surfaced against Zuma. Everyone was holding their breath over the weekend, hoping and praying that this time Zuma would be recalled.

He came out victorious once again, denying all accusations and addressing a large crowd of ANC supporters today.

jacob-zumaHis main topic of the day? Racism. His words were that white supremacy still exists and that the minority people in this country need to embrace the new South Africa. Hate speech will be punishable by law very soon and together with the racist black list it will surely take away the white people’s right to any freedom of speech. Zuma himself still sings the song: Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer. The biggest racists in this country are the ANC government themselves.

As if by miracle, today, with this speech being made, a white farmer had his house raided by the police because someone complained about him making a Facebook post inciting murder of all blacks.  It is directly translated as: The Boers are fed-up.

At the same time over the last couple of weeks I have taken screen shots of hate speech by blacks. I went onto one’s Facebook profile and saw he works for the Department of Education and sent them an email complaining of his hate speech. No answer at all, it has been two weeks. It has been openly said that blacks cannot be racists. I beg to differ.


In the meantime, there are protests across the country. Buses and trains are burned, whole towns get closed off by burning tyres and violent protestors. They loot nearby shops, liquor stores, building warehouses.

johannesburg-niggersIt is quite amazing to see how everyone just simply walks in and takes whatever they want and leaves. It is like a feeding frenzy. The main stream news only shows short snippets of the protests, usually of them still peacefully dancing, and then go onto sports or the latest movie release. People do not know half of what is going on in their own country.

Not far from where I live they have attempted a land grab (hundreds of blacks came with taxis and were dropped off at the land and started claiming land for themselves, although this is property owned by another). It started on Saturday and the latest report was that the roads have been closed there and it is has become violent. They have burned a bus and throwing rocks at passing cars. The police are trying everything in their might to remove them.

The ‘Land Expropriation Bill‘ will soon become law as well. According to the amended bill the government will have the right to take whatever property you own, be it residential, commercial, intellectual property, shares in a company, anything. They can actually take it without giving you a cent and without really giving you any reason at all. It has not become law as yet, but the bill has been passed in parliament last month and will soon be instituted.

The ANC needs to keep their promises to the masses and give them land for free. They have been told the whites stole it from them and it is theirs, even though we have worked very hard for our property and in fact still have to pay the mortgage off for another fifteen years before it really becomes our own. I do not think they understand this. What will become of this country if they just demand everything for free? Do they not realize it will be the end of South Africa – completely?

In the meantime my heart aches for the close to 400 000 whites (conservative figure, it might be closer to 700 000) that are living in squatter camps and depend on charity as the government do not look after the poor whites. My heart aches for these proud Boer people who have lost their jobs due to Black Economic Empowerment in a country where only the strongest will now survive. Even their own people have turned their back on them. The white liberals who I am surrounded with. The Boers up in the old Transvaal, Orange Free State and Natal are suffering the most.

I live in Cape Town where most whites are still living their lives behind high security gates and guard dogs. They live in a bubble where they only watch the mainstream news, if any, but much rather prefer watching sports and do not want to be bothered by bad news because it is just too depressing. They do not even realize that their own lives are in danger and that it will soon spill over to our province.

Then there are those white liberals who I have come to despise even more than the black murderers and rapists. They have turned their backs on their own people, choosing to side with the majority as if that will save their skin when the time comes. When they are about to kill or rape you, they will not ask if you were liberal or not, they will only see white. I have become more vocal in the last couple of weeks of my changing views.

You see, I have been one of those white liberals I now so much despise. My eyes have opened. I see my people suffering. I cannot believe that I was oblivious for so long to the genocide being perpetrated on us. I think my eyes started to open, I felt an uneasiness when the protests against our language, Afrikaans, started at the universities. Everything Afrikaans must fall. All our statues, all our artwork, our language. They do not want any reminder of our past and that of our ancestors anywhere. They actually reminded me of my roots again, of my forefathers and who they were. I dug deeper. I read up, not the Wikipedia that is so obviously compiled with bias, but the real history. I remembered stories my grandmother use to tell me of growing up on an ossewa. I remember the values I was taught when growing up, almost forgotten as the Rainbow Nation took over.

I started speaking up over the last couple of weeks and it has become quite clear that I am stepping on people’s toes. Some of my own family members, who I have grown up with, have taken me on in public and turned their backs on me, branding me a right wing racist for not believing in the ‘Rainbow Nation‘ anymore.

black-south-african-flagThey automatically assume I hate all people but white  because I dare to stand up for my forefathers and for my fellow white people that are being murdered every day. I do not understand that. I do not understand how they can live in the same country, know about this, and turn a blind eye. Of course the media plays a great role in this, not reporting on the horrendous crimes of brutal torture and murder, but still … When you want to speak up, you are left feeling alienated and alone.

I fear that soon I will not be able to speak my mind anymore. The world is full of traitors this side and saying too much to the wrong person can land you in jail.

It has become a nightmare not to wake up from. There are many who try and advocate for us, but it is small numbers and most people will not stand up for each other. They are all too afraid and hang onto whatever little they have just to survive. You cannot blame them, but it is to the downfall of us all at the end. The Boer men long for a leader that will lead them out of this, but as soon as one wants to stand up, he is shot down. We are ostracised by the liberals, the blacks, the government and their power is just too overwhelming at the moment.


I am writing this to you early morning hours as my time is swallowed by work and looking  after family.  It has been quite a relief putting this all on paper, although there is still so many other things that happened just over the last couple of weeks, some so laughable, like the nurses protesting because their uniforms are white and it reminds them of Florence Nightingale and the oppressor. I just could not believe my eyes, that even white uniforms have now become oppressive.”


by Charlotte Visser, a White woman in Cape Town, 2016.