Blacks Chimping Out across White America, so send them all back to Africa

Carry an illegal weapon on the street and expect the law to crack down on you.

On April 12, 2015, police officers in Baltimore Maryland, arrested known black criminal punk Freddie Gray, an African male (25) for carrying an illegal combat knife (see actual knife below).


The idiot resisted arrest and so he copped some rough handling during the arrest.

Apparently he damaged his neck while being transported in a police van.  He went into a coma, and died in hospital a week later.

Gray had a lengthy arrest record with convictions dating back until at least 2007, according to the Maryland Department of Justice. Not all of the arrests led to convictions, in many of the cases he pleaded guilty to one charge while the others were dropped. Exact details of when he spent time in prison were not immediately available. His arrest record includes at least 18 arrests:

March 20, 2015: Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance
March 13, 2015: Malicious destruction of property, second-degree assault
January 20, 2015: Fourth-degree burglary, trespassing
January 14, 2015: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute
December 31, 2014: Possession of narcotics with intent to distribute
December 14, 2014: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance
August 31, 2014: Illegal gambling, trespassing
January 25, 2014: Possession of marijuana
September 28, 2013: Distribution of narcotics, unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance, second-degree assault, second-degree escape
April 13, 2012: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance, violation of probation
July 16, 2008: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession with intent to distribute
March 28, 2008: Unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance
March 14, 2008: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to manufacture and distribute
February 11, 2008: Unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of a controlled dangerous substance
August 29, 2007: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, violation of probation
August 28, 2007: Possession of marijuana
August 23, 2007: False statement to a peace officer, unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance
July 16, 2007: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance (2 counts)

Them’s the facts.

Chimping Out

After Gray’s demise became public knowledge, da niggers went riot.

Following  the funeral service, hundreds of niggers rioted through downtown Baltimore, causing extensive property damage and the invariable looting of shops.  It’s a black phenomenon particular to Africans called ‘chimping out’.  It was 1968 all over again – violence, burning, looting, niggers attacking police.  Nothing to do with civil rights, more like civil riots.

At least twenty police officers were injured, at least 250 people arrested, 285 to 350 businesses were damaged, 150 vehicles were fire bombed, there were 60 structure fires, 27 drugstores looted.  Thousands of police and Maryland National Guard troops had to be deployed, and a state of emergency was declared in the city limits of Baltimore.

Da Black Baltimore apes came out and went crazy attacking police in the streets.  The  imported violent, criminal and animalistic black race showing its true colors, led by the Black Guerilla Family with support of the usual Crips and the Bloods.

All afternoon, niggers threw bottles, rocks and bricks at police. They trashed several police vehicles and turned downtown Baltimore into an African war zone.   All openly issued threats to shoot White cops dead at will.

It all started over a black crim who probably chimped out inside the police van while it was moving and got stomped on by cops who just plain had enough of his black BS. So the apes chimped out.


Hundreds of young blacks smashed police cars, smashed store fronts, and brutally attacked random white pedestrians.

Nigger Riot Incited by Nigger Mayor

Baltimore’s black Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake incited the blacks to violence.  She got voted in because Baltimore has become 65% black, breeding and swamping over a traditional but dwindling white population.

She openly admitted to protecting and aiding her black brother rioters. She says she ordered Baltimore police to stand down and let people riot.  Let the chimpout play out like an epileptic seizure folks.

“I worked with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters we able to exercise their right to free speech. It’s a very delicate balancing act. Because while we try to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on. We also gave those who wished to destroy, space to to do that as well.” she stated to the media.

She has no interest in maintaining white civilization in Baltimore.

When chimping out, black lives don’t matter.

Blacks of all ages and sexes took part in the looting. One shopkeeper described seeing little kids younger than ten and fathers who actually brought along children.  Note the smiling black girl wearing the “Black Power” t-shirt in the background.

Nigger Looting:

blacks-lootingEver see White high school teens wearing “White Power” t-shirts doing crap like this?

Because of the media-stoked crap over just about every black victim of cops these days, blacks are mob attacking random Whites on the streets. Sunday night, about 60 of them attacked Whites in Charleston, South Carolina and the local press barely breathed a word — forget about national attention — even FOX news stays infuriatingly silent.

‘Blackquakes’ are destroying White America.


Back to Africa Movement

US President Abraham Lincoln and plenty of others wanted to ship them back to Africa after the Civil War.  Before his assassination, Lincoln was fervently making plans to send all freed slaves to the jungles of Central America once the war was over. Southern assassin Booth may have believed the South was avenged, but he denied the entire nation the opportunity to rid itself of the black scourge.

He argued this was the best solution and conducive to the freed slaves best interest.

There were two options for re-colonization, voluntary or mandated removal. But his issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation on Jan. 1, 1863, rendered even that voluntary option effectively dead, so it had to be by deportation.

The main group supporting the idea, the American Colonization Society, was founded in 1817. “The goal was the charitable and restorative ideal of un-kidnapping people from their homeland in Africa by offering to use private funds to transport them back voluntarily, for any who so wished,” said James M. Cornelius, curator of the Lincoln collection at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Ill.

Monrovia, Liberia, was founded in the 1820s by former American slaves, and by the early 1850s, Lincoln and like-minded politicians were supportive of that approach.