Welsh Nationalists rallied in Swansea against Westminster-imposed Bedroom Tax

Saturday, 5th April 2014: The British National Front held a local rally in the ancient Welsh city of Swansea, protesting against the Tory’s Thatcherite Bedroom Tax impost despatched from Westminster Palace. Think Thatcher’s Poll Tax. The Bedroom Tax was Tory PM David Cameron’s vicious measure to tax Britain’s poor, forcing

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Scottish Crofters victims of more ‘Highland Clearances’

Sutherland’s crofter Jeremy Gow has lost the tenancy on the croft to the bureaucrats.  Land that has been in his family since 1954. . An Antiques specialist has claimed he is the victim of a “21st century Highland clearances” as he faces eviction from the croft that has been in

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Scotland’s three generations of Highland Clearances (1784-1854)

The Highland Clearances were a callous and criminal chapter in Scottish history.  They were the immoral means of selfish Scottish chiefs and lairds who as early capitalists preferred the Great Cheviot Sheep (“finely shaped, with countenance mild and pleasant”) to their own clansmen who had once been their warrior rent-roll.

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