Corporate America’s ‘cheap’ Chinese import addiction

The news is filled with horror stories of China’s nasty exports coming to our shores – toy ovens that burn our children, seafood laden with toxics and antibiotics, tires that come apart on the highways, pet food that kills pets… and the list goes on.

China must stop the exportation of these horrors, scream our corporate, political, and media leaders.

Chinese version looks shit, tastes shit, is shit, yet the shits profited from the imports.


But who are the real culprits here? You can’t have an exporter without an importer.

Chinese businesses are not shipping billions of dollars worth of products to our shores uninvited. U.S. manufacturers and retailers are the ones importing this stuff and selling it to us. It’s Wal-Mart, Hasbro, Black & Decker, Red Lobster, Toys R Us, Target, and other big brand names that have built this dependency on Chinese imports and profiting phenomenally from it.

These special interests are the ones that abandoned American producers and communities, transferring their investment capital to China. They leapt at Chinese labor that could be had for pennies an hour and made to toil in brutal sweatshop conditions that are legally and morally abominable to our people. These importers also cynically wink at the vile environmental contamination caused by the factories in China making products bound for American stores.

Let’s be honest. China’s trillion-dollar-a-year export economy is based squarely on the country’s deliberate lack of humane standards. That’s precisely why our CEO’s rushed over there – every corner cut, every penny taken from workers and the environment, every product made on the cheap is pure profit for importers sitting so comfortably in their executive suites.

If you’re outraged by shoddy, dangerous, and deadly products from China, don’t point at the Chinese – point at America’s corporate elite… and start saying “no” to their “cheap” import addiction.

The Lotus Riverside Block 7 apartment building collapsed on the morning of June 27, 2009.


Source: “Hidden culprit of product scandal made in China,” USA Today, August 2, 2007.

Jan 2015:  Walmart Sells To Chinese Investment Group For Over $500B

Sam Walton founded Walmart on July 2, 1952 after working for retail giant J.C. Penny for several years. Walton died in 1992 of bone cancer just as his franchise had become one of the biggest in the entire world, however the company would remain in the family the entire time. Today, though, it was announced that the company is being sold to a group of Chinese investors, the Chine Investment Group, better known as CIG.

CIG, led by CEO and president of financial operations, Bao Chang, purchased Walmart from the wealthy Walton family for a world record $535 billion USD. The deal also includes Sam’s Club, Walmart Express, although Walmart International currently, and curiously, remains off the deal.

In an early morning press conference, including both Chang and S. Robson Walton, Chang announced that the store would remain just as it has for several years, with the exception of a name change.
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“It is with great honor that we purchase and take over this great franchise establishment, the service to customers worldwide will remain just as dependable,” Chang said. “We will be changing the name of the legendary store to ‘China-Direct’, being that most products sold in the store are, indeed, made in China. This is a great day for the country of China, as well as the shoppers of the United States.”

Today there are over 11,000 Walmart stores located throughout 27 countries, with the number growing every year since the company was founded. Chang insists that the name change will not affect those who shop at the store, though.

“Everyone knows that China makes a great product. If anything, the name change will generate more respect for the company, therefore making it more successful. When people shop, they want to see that little sticker that says ‘Made in China’ and nothing will be sold in our stores which isn’t made in China. We must give the people, especially the American people, the product they truly wish for and deserve.”