Following Dan, Queensland’s Palaszczuk is thankfully leaving the building, $5.852 billion in debt but

Finally, Queenslanders can breath a sigh of relief.

Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk

The palliative chook is leaving George Street…to spend more time with her family no doubt and time to buy Chrissy presents.  What cyclone?



We expect to learn in the new year that she’s been offered a plumb board role in banking  with her predecessor Labor mate Anna Bligh.  The post-Premier banking gig has become a trend – Mike Baird scammed $1.9m with NAB in his first year post-politics.

Now the surname PALASZCZUK is a blended patronymic derived from the word PALASZ (say, pow-w-ash), which in the Polish language means ‘broadsword’ – basically a nickname for a combative or fierce individual, a soldier – and the suffix CZUK (say, chook).

Chook leaves the state in massive debt given her extreme indulgent overinflated 250,000 public servants having just received a $350 million Christmas bonus. Not her money, but only on the back of Bowen Basin “evil” coal royalties of $18.3bn thanks very much.

A legacy of limelight, favouritism (chicks in gov,  Labor mates, Wellcamp), budget blowouts else state neglect

See ya!

A chook-free Christmas looms, ay?

Albo, make it a hat trick…to spend more time with your family.