Daniel Andrews accepts pension in communist China

…Victorians happy to see him go.

Dan Andrews (51) suddenly quit not just the premiership of Victoria in Australia, but as elected parliamentary member for Mulgrave, and politics entirely – the lot, with just one day’s notice (yesterday).

So clap along if you know what happiness is to you!

Apparently it’s to spend more time in Lincoln Avenue before heading back to his beloved China commo family.  It’ll be his eighth trip, doing a Hawkie in true commo Labor Party tradition since Whitlam.

but then…

Dictator Dan leaves Victoria with a AUD$135.4 billion state debt.

Then this most divisive and hated premier, Dictator Dan, of all control and no accountability retreated, post politics, to his hideaway on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula at 28 Lincoln Avenue outside Sorrento.

Two steps of inebriation.  Dan quote: “you could get all your mates to home and get on the beers…”

…because I’m happy

What to do after politics but play golf?

But what did Dan expect by in 2023 applying to join the nearby Portsea Golf Club following his simplistic tar brush diktat that all “Melbourne metropolitan” golf clubs shutdown during the 2020-2021 pandemic?

Memory loss?

Victorian Labor Dictator Dan arbitrarily decreed that the Mornington Peninsula was classified as metropolitan Melbourne and therefore was subject to the strict Stage 4 pandemic restrictions for inner city residents; whilst golfing on the Bellarine Peninsula was deemed ‘regional’ and not subject to such lockdown restrictions.


Along the Mornington Peninsula this copped a $1600 on the spot Dan Andrews fine!

In August 2020, Victoria Police fined two club golfers $1652 each after they were caught daring to play an isolated round at their Portsea Golf Club, while it had been officially closed by Dictator Dan.

Can’t nothing, bring me down

Dan’s diktat has come back to haunt him. Golfers on the Mornington Peninsula have not forgotten Dan’s diktat to ban the sport during the pandemic.  Former pro golfer Mark Allen reveals many members at Mornington Peninsula golf clubs would reject as players at some of the Mornington Peninsula’s most exclusive clubs line up to block him from joining Portsea Golf Club.

“They have not forgiven him and I can tell you this, on Friday night at Sorrento Hotel it was the talk of the region, to the point where not only members from Portsea but members from other clubs were saying if he’s trying to join anywhere down here that they just will not let him join.”

So, clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do!

Victorian media personality and Portsea Golf Club member Steve Price complained:

“This is the premier who stopped us playing golf for two years during COVID. This is the premier who locked down this community even though we’re 120km out of the city. The same premier who let people on the other side of the bay play golf. No way that should that man come into the golf club.”

Uh, bring me down…

Dan chose to drive right past his local Sorrento Golf Club just for some sense of entitlement of prestige to apply to join the affluent yet smaller Portsea Golf Club further down Point Nepean Road.

But Portsea doesn’t want him.

“Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth”

The National Golf Club got a letter stating that more than 100 members of Portsea agree with the decision to deny Daniel membership, claiming Mr Andrews does not have the qualities that align with the “fundamental values of the club” –  good character, sociability, and a genuine interest in meeting and befriending fellow members.

Clap along if you know what happiness is to you.

He’s a cheat, given his course form of convenient memory loss of failing to recall his hole scores before the 19th!  “It further underscores concerns about his compatibility with our club.”

Golfer’s messaging car rego – FUDA …F*** You Dan Andrews