Islamic refugee axe terror frenzy on German train

Another week, another rabid islamic attack on the First World, as an islamic Afghan does human halal on a train near Würzburg in northern Bavaria in Germany.

Local media report the islamic youth (17) boarded a regional passenger train yesterday (Monday 18 July 2016) armed with an axe and a knife.  As the train journeyed between  the Bavarian town of Treuchtlingen and Würzburg, the muslim went full blown islamic randomly hacking into at least fifteen German passengers.

Islamic axes

Local police were called and unloaded into his head.  Multiple ambulances were called to rush the victims to hospital.  As many as five people are in critical condition with axe hack wounds.  Understandably, surviving passengers remain in a state of shock.

Axe Attack on TrainThe blood stained train

A Bavarian interior ministry spokesman has said “it is quite probable that this was an Islamist attack”, adding that the attacker had shouted “allahu akbar” (God is greatest) as he slashed, hacked and stabbed people.

Yep, good chance he’s Islamic.

Knife AttackIslamics have been let inside the city wall


Germany copped a similar Islamic axe attack on 10th May 2016 in the Bavarian regional town of Grafing, when a rabid Islamic boarded a train barefoot at around 5am with a 10cm hunting knife, as you do.

He then shouted “allahu akbar” before indiscriminately getting stuck in, human halaling four passengers, killing one.

Islamic Allahu akbar KnifeIslamic allahu akbar Knife


Witnesses told police they heard him shout “allahu akbar” and “infidels, you must die” as he stabbed a train passenger before targeting passers-by in an apparently indiscriminate assault.

Islamic attack on trainMopping up after Islamics

The German Economic Institute, based in Cologne, has estimated Merkel’s condoned and imposed Third World refugee welfare invasion will cost Germany £38 Billion by the end of 2017.

On 26 February 2016 at Hanover central railway station in Germany, a 15-year-old Moroccan Islamic refugee dressed in full Muslim black rags, identified as Safia S. went rabid stabbing a policeman in the neck with a kitchen knife.

The struck officer had to receive emergency surgery, the kitchen knife having entered his neck, before she was overpowered by another police officer.

Police say hate preachers in a mosque where she regularly attended Friday prayers as a toddler ‘manipulated’ her mind and set her on the path of perverted Islam and violence.

The bitch should have been overpowered by a magazine of hot lead in the head.

Safia SGood reason to ban the burqa, ban rag wearing, ban muslims and bulldoze all mosques across the First World


One such incident in Israel that near identically conforms to the attack in Hanover was reported on in November, when a Palestinian woman calmly approached a security guard at a West Bank checkpoint and handed over her identity documents. While the man was distracted inspecting the papers, she took a knife out of her handbag and started ferociously stabbing him. The officer was injured and managed to shoot the assailant, who lived.

Watch video:

Last month, 2nd June 2016, three Syrian refugees were arrested over an alleged plan to carry out a Paris-style Islamic terror attack. Hamza C, (27), Mahood B, (25) and Abd Ahraman AK (31) have been detained.

Two suicide bombers were to detonate explosive vests near the busty Heinrich-Heine-Allee U-Bahn station in Düsseldorf, while gunmen were to open fire in an attempt to maximise casualties.  The development came amid reports police are searching for a further six members of the terror cell believed to be still at large in Germany.

Indeed, German prosecutors are currently investigating 180 suspects linked to jihadist groups in Syria.

Recall on New Year’s Eve 2015, hundreds of sexual assaults were reported against women in Cologne, with police describing the perpetrators as young men, thought to be refugees, of “Arab or North African appearance”.

A new NRA ad has been released and the always outspoken and defiant Navy Seal, Marcus Luttrell, has a powerful message for the terrorists.

Ex-Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell

He leaves no confusion as to who he is addressing by looking straight into the camera and speaking directly to the Islamic extremists.  Luttrell hits all the most important American beliefs in this ad and also manages to humiliate our politicians and media with a single sentence.  There isn’t anyone who could deliver this message better!

Deport all muslims out of the First World