KFC under leftard intimidation to convert to minority chicken to preserve its brand

In the latest post-election hissy fit, lamenting Democrat leftards have been reported targeting Kentucky Fried Chicken stores for not being minority friendly and for backing Trump after he was falsely accused of getting stuck into an all-American burger.

During the 2016 American election campaign, KFC had apparently declared its support for presidential nationalist Donald Trump on account that KFC is an iconic American brand, proudly selling tons of its American home grown chicken and employing tens of thousands of young Americans in its 4491 stores across the country.


But indignant Democrat college leftards saw this as anti-globalist and so have begun a backlash against KFC stores by reputation extortion, abandoning KFC dumpsters and even setting fire to Zinger Burgers and selfing on Zuckerberg and Dorsey social media.

democrat-leftards-riotingBacon-free burgers sweeten lesbo armpits after yoga

KFC has come under sustained threat and so to preserve its brand, KFC’s imported CEO Muktesh Pant has announced its payment of reputation extortion to minority Black Lives Matter criminals, support of the Democrats’ Trans Pacific Partnership and to immediately suspend its White Cop Free Meal Deal.


Anarcho-blackmailers have bullied KFC to buy halal, sell type 2 soul chicken, complimentary watermelon and enchilada specials and preference employing niggers, spics and zipperheads.


KFC is confident that its new conciliatory approach toward its increasing minority customer base will lead to fewer armed hold ups, fewer lootings on welfare check days and more type 2 diagnoses.

Sadly though, KFC’s legendary top selling Arab Spring Bacon Mecca Stack is to be recalled after one of its muslim minorities went ape.