LGTBI Third World adoption: pedophiles in overdrive!

Have no doubt, once homosexuals and their deviant ilk secure Deviant Marriage, look out Third World women desperate for a buck!

Not clucky, but a desperate fake desire to become mainstream, deviants will spend a fortune to buy a baby, and such human trafficking is rife in vulnerable Third World societies – India, Thailand, Cambodia.

Deviant Marriage acceptance by exploiting desperately poor primitive women to slave birth.

Such golliwogging is scum.


The sexual deviants scream not ‘Same Sex Marriage‘, but ‘Marriage Equality‘ shite.

Equal for whom, not the poor adopted kids who never get a balanced upbringing, and end up homosexual or some nuanced derivative.

The next spiral step to depravity is screaming not Same Sex Adoption’, but ‘Adoption Marriage Equality‘ shite.

We may as well hand over al our children to nazi faggot pedophiles.


Same sex parenting is reverse eugenics.  All children will become abnormal, disturbed and suicidal.

Hi mum:


same-sex-pedophile-adoptionI’m fucked.  Where’s my dad?