Ulster’s First Minister Arlene Foster misguided about enticing chinese imperialism to Belfast

What is Ulster’s First Minister, Arlene Foster, doing tripping off on a four-day junket to China to sellout Ulster and entice cheap imports and mass immigration?

arlene-foster-meets-madam-liuFirst Minister Arlene Foster doing secret deals with China’s powerful Madame Liu Yandong


“The visit to China by Arlene Foster now aims to promote political, cultural and economic links between the two countries and will include meetings with existing and potential investors.”


(NI Executive Press Release)

Trade with China is never about “endless mutual benefits”; it’s what is in it for China Imperialism and chinese migrants.

Since Arlene Foster is obviously not worldly nor well-read, China is a totalitarian communist state which despite all the empty new high rise, keeps its population persecuted and censored in a backward cultural Third World.   It is little different to North Korea, so what is Arlene Foster going top entice trade and immigration from Kim Jong Un as well while she’s over there?

Has she read about the harm inflicted by China elsewhere in the world?

Is Arlene Foster prepared to bargain with criminals?

  • Chinese invasion of Tibet
  • Chinese annexation of Hong Kong and kidnapping
  • Chinese imperialist designs on Taiwan
  • Chinese military incursions in the South China Sea
  • Human rights violations including torture, the vast number of executions and the authorities’ brutal repression of dissent
  • Freedom of expression is severely restricted in China and anyone who speaks out against the authorities faces harassment, arrest and detention. Torture is widespread across the country and unfair trials are common.
  • China remains the world’s top executioner
  • Hundreds of lawyers and activists have been targeted and branded as a “criminal gang” by the Chinese authorities in a widespread crackdown that started in July 2015 and continues to this day.
  • Freedom of religion continues to be systematically stifled. The government has recently been demolishing churches and taking down Christian crosses in the country’s Zhejiang province.

Turning a blind eye are we Arlene Foster?  But then she’s a lawyer – all about winning not justice.

Does she not comprehend chinese culture?  Chinese employ and favour chinese.  It can only undermine Ulster (Northern Ireland) industry and employment standards.

So Arlene’s doing a whistle-stop tour to Beijing, Shanghai and industrial Shenyang in Liaoning Province to entice trade deals with senior political and trade representatives.

While she’s spending four days checking out the great wall, terracotta warriors and pandas, Arlene Foster plans to visit Bombardier in Shenyang.

Canada multinational jet manufacturer Bombardier is set to lay off 1080 Ulster jobs in Belfast and even more across Britain.  Bombardier has a site at Shenyang so it can have cheap chinese parts made for its jets, and all the staff are chinese.

Is Arlene Foster in Shenyang to entice cheaper chinese to replace properly paid local workers back in Belfast?

Don’t be blinded by the lure of tapping into this the world’s second largest economy. China is about China first – market control, cheap production costs, ownership of intellectual property.   Trade with Third World mass producing China is a quantity not quality relationship.  It is about cheap chinese imports being dumped on local First World markets to undermine local industry paying decent First World wages.

It’s all pure globalism.

And then she wants to entice tens of thousands of chinese students to swamp NI’s overstretched education system.


Backdoor Immigration

Forget the spin about NI’s “world class education system and the incredible opportunities for Chinese students.”   Arlene Foster’s just after the millions of chinese yuan payable up front by chinese students.  The deal is designed to supplant NI government funding of NI education of NI students.

So local Ulster students risk becoming second-class citizens n their own country behind the more educated chinese.  Then secretly, Arlene Foster will facilitate the newly qualified chinese to become NI citizens and take NI jobs.

It’s enticing an imperial wedge by China.  It is betrayal of the people of Ulster.

And Arlene Foster wants to entice 50,000 chinese tourists every year to swamp the Giant Causeway, Titanic Quarter and choke coastal roads.  Like elsewhere, chinese tourists end up buying up urban residential property driving up prices and so will force Belfast locals out of home affordability.

A true globalist at the expense of the Ulster locals, she bleats:

“Our global family remains a vital part of our social and economic progress.  I intend to discuss work in areas of mutual interest and explore partnership opportunities with Liaoning which has a population of 43 million people.”


“Northern Ireland remains committed to China, and I will take this opportunity to extend an invitation to host Chinese Provincial Leaders in Northern Ireland for a Leadership Summit.”

Scary treacherous bitch!

Stormont MLAs have a sorry record of wasting taxpayers’s money on indulgences like overseas junkets – try £350,000 a year!.  In 2013 at the invitation of The Chinese Peoples Association for Friendship and Foreign Countries, First Minister Peter Robinson and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness took off to China and set up an NI Bureau in Beijing to:

“strengthen government to government relations and to further develop trade, investment, cultural and university links”.

Here they are on the Great Wall. That was after first class trips to America and Brazil.

ni-mistake-enticing-chinaNot lawyers like Arlene, but each have their share of shady dealings and not exactly for the mutual benefit of the local folk of Ulster.