Restore Our Borders

Globalist imposts upon a nation’s people like the EU’s Schengen open border naïvety, allow foreigners to invade, undermine and usurping local rights – stealing jobs, taking our houses, choking taxpayer-funded public services, waging organised migrant crime and bringing their hateful terrorism.


Our government intelligence needs to know who’s coming and going and to prevent the wrong types from getting in and wreaking havoc in our communities.


We have a birth right to protect our sovereignty, our first world way of life and values, and to safeguard the rights of our people and our children.  Nations of the Angloceltic Sphere need to restore our respective borders.   England, Scotland Wales, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are prized first world nations.  Each warrants protecting from Third World barbarism and leeches.

  • We need robust border checkpoint control restored requiring digital facial identification, x-ray screening for contraband, and quarantine restrictions
  • Visitor visas for all non-citizens with strict conditions of entry including mandatory background checks, credit card bond, prepaid return flights, minimum cash appropriate to length of stay, and agreeing to a new Visitor’s Code of Conduct.
  • Auto-deportation for breaches to a new Visitor’s Code of Conduct, such as overstaying a visa, working illegally, criminal conduct, etc.


To support local jobs and to crack down on illegal scab labour, a raft of stricter conditions need to apply for the issuing of temporary work visas to foreigners – including background checks and qualification vetting.

All migration agents need to be reassessed and required to re-apply for an operating permit subject to stricter controls and conditions.  Non-citizens must be barred from working in customs, quarantine, visa issuing and any border security functions.  Strict quotas need to apply for problematic groups like seasonal workers, students and asylum seekers.


Permanent work visas need to be scrapped, and only such permanency offered to citizens – birth or naturalised.

Hefty fines need to be rolled out to any employer engaging a non-citizen in paid work who does not have a valid work visa.