Serena Williams chimps out over losing nomination for African Queen

Now you Africans come here on trust that you will behave civilized like us White folk…

It was just another tennis match; but Serena Williams, a garboon, presumed she was entitled to exceed deepest darkest Queen Asantewaa, or Queen Yennenga, or Queen Gudit, or Queen Nzinga, or Queen Amina, or Queen Amanirenas.

In the face of defeat, queen bee meetooed the White Male umpire.

White Umpire:  “But you were getting extra protein signals from your coach.”

Chair umpire Carlos Ramos caught Serena’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou gesturing from the stadium for her to move closer to the net early in the second set.  After the match, Paddy confesses “Yeah, I was coaching, other coaches do it.”

US Open official statement on the Women’s Final, Saturday, September 08, 2018:

“On the fifth point in the second game of the second set between Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams, the chair umpire witnessed coaching taking place from Williams’ coach. Even though her coach has admitted to coaching, Williams has made it clear that she did not receive any coaching. Nevertheless, in accordance with the rules, Williams was assessed a Code Violation, resulting in a warning.

At the completion of the fifth game of the second set, Williams was assessed a second code violation for racquet abuse, which required a point penalty.

At the changeover, at 4-3, Williams was assessed a third code violation for verbal abuse in the judgment of the umpire, which then required a game penalty.

The chair umpire’s decision was final and not reviewable by the Tournament Referee or the Grand Slam Supervisor, who were called to the court at that time.”

Serena was just some overpaid nigger bitch on a tennis court about to lose deservedly and so she cheated.

An African Open opportunity in the making.


It’s a serial chimpanzee:

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