Tarneit McDonalds in Melbourne a nugget magnet for 150 rioting niggers

Last Sunday night around 9.30pm in Melbourne’s nouveau refugee ghetto of Tarneit (north of Werribee) a pure Sudanese gang numbering more than 150 massed outside McDonalds on Derrimut Road for a junk food fix.  But it quickly descended into a monkey brawl over McNuggets.

Just another negro race riot for Marvellous Melbourne.

When is Clean Up Australia Day again?

Police were called after reports 40 odd youths of African appearance were harassing McDonald’s staff and attacking customers.  Police arrived and found dozens of black Sudanese types swamping the McDonald’s outlet and chimping towards the nearby railway station.

Kamal and Jamal make a dash for the train


Police say it’s not the first time.

The same outbreak happened the previous Sunday.  McDonald’s has a special Sunday offer on for black McNuggets this month.

But the African crowd got angry once they discovered the promotion was for BBQ briquettes.

Staff tried to explain that they were only nuggets and had no nutritional value. But the apes were in a frenzie, shouting and threatening to fight each other.

Yo nigga…Usain the man eats dem nuggets so must be cool.

The blacks harassed staff, intimidated and attacked customers, then chimped on the bonnets of nearby parked cars, before looting property including a customer’s Christmas presents.

Normal chimp behaviour.  So who gave them the raspberry cordial?

At least four police cars and a search helicopter, fitted with black-aware night infrared camera, rushed to the fast foot outlet in Tarneit at about 9.40pm on Sunday to break up the unruly gathering but no one was arrested.

But it was only until the police set the dogs loose that the crowd dispersed.

Usually works.

Sudanese nugget riots in Melbourne have become a routine event since some dumb ass let ’em in the country, especially during welfare cheque weeks.

McMonkey sales spike on welfare cheque weeks


Local residents posting on social media said youths, of African appearance, were terrorising the neighbourhood, carrying machetes, car jacking, home invasions – making Melbournians feel unsafe in their own homes.

Leigh, the mother of a 15-year-old who works at McDonald’s, told local radio 3AW she felt intimidated as she picked her son up from work.

“They caused mayhem last night. They were trying to intimidate staff.  It was just disgusting, food left everywhere, staff were cleaning up broken glass. It was very intimidating walking through this group of people to pick my son up.”

She wants her son transferred to another McDonald’s. “I’ll be contacting the store … to see if he can be transferred to another store,” she said.

Others said the youths sped around the suburb in unregistered cars and banged on doors before running off.

One resident who lives near the McDonalds store said a group of youths tried to kick his letterbox down on Sunday night before they saw his dog and ran away. Another resident said youths knocked on the door of their nearby property late on Sunday night before vanishing into the blackness.

‘I’ve called the cops… but seriously, two of them in a van aren’t going to pull them over, they’re scared,’ resident Ward Halket told the Herald Sun last week.  ‘It’s frustrating because I don’t feel safe walking 100m up the road whether it’s day or night when they’re around.‘

Who Let ’em into White Australia?

Clearly those people are bigots and don’t understand how much better their lives are now that they share the same streets as these Africans.

The racism in Australia is just terrible. Australians didn’t put with this sort of crime back in the golden days.

‘White Australia March Australia, the white man’s land, Defended by the white man’s guns.
Australia, Australia, For Anglo-Saxon race and South’n Cross. God bless and help us to protect Our glorious land Australia.’

So Why is McDonalds a Nigger Magnet?



Could it be the burgers?

And why do McDonald’s Third World monkeys get so frantic about chicken nuggets?

There is nothing natural in the broiler monkey food but carcenogenic acrylamide, azodicarbonamide, disodium 5′-ribonucleotides, synthetic sodium acid pyrophosphate, ammonia and dimethylpolysiloxane, all washed in ammonium hydroxide.  No real chicken.

Chicken McNuggets are prepared in a batter containing sodium aluminum phosphate causing Alzheimer’s disease then deep fried in oil having a chemical preservative called THBQ, or tertiary butylhydroquinone, a petroleum-based product which can also be found in cosmetic products such as eyeshadows.

Sodium benzoate and artificial food colors in McDonald’s sauces are linked to increased hyperactivity.

Sudanese niggers plonked by immigration into Tarneit use the local Maccas as a meeting point.

But resident Australians are angry and say they feel intimated by the sheer number of youths who have met up and brawled in the suburb in recent weeks.


Victorian Police Apologist Policy

While Victoria Police North-West local Commander Russell Barrett said it was natural for local residents to be alarmed by the large group and the disruption that often follows from so many children meeting in the one spot – he also said it was natural for young people to want to get together.

“To put it in perspective, all we have is young people gathering,” police Commander Barret said.  He said there had been no reports of assaults and no altercations involving police, yet.

Cache of weaponry promoted by negros on social media during Melbourne Moomba Festival riot in March 2016


Commander Barrett said police might step up patrols in Tarneit and would work with black fathers (if they could find them) to try and find alternative spaces for negros to chimp.

“We understand the community may be concerned about gatherings of large numbers of youth in one area … that can cause some unrest.  We want to reassure the community, especially the community of Tarneit, that their safety is our number one priority,” he said.

And guess what?

Yet again, no arrests made.  No arrests made when they break in to peoples homes also, 8 people at a time, why? Too young they say,‘ one wrote on Monday.

Too black for pussy footing White Police!