Independent Scotland was hoodwinked by Marxist globalists

Scotland’s ‘Yes’ Campaign support by the Scottish Socialist Party had nothing to do with Scottish Independence, but with a programme of ideological Marxist globalism.

Fiercely lobbying the ‘Yes’ vote behind the scenes were Marxist globalists and their own unrelated selfish agenda.

So why did the No vote win?  It was a conservative vote against socialists hijacking the agenda. Scots aren’t stupid.

Scots voted against the Socialist Pary

The referendum exposed various “left” groups as proponents of a new capitalist state, aimed at propaganising exploitation of workers and building closer ties with global corporations and banks.

The ‘Counterfire‘ group, a radical split from Britain’s Socialist Workers Party (SWP), has published, “No excuse for no,” authored by James Meadway. It is a naked piece of political propaganda,  which unapologetically boosts the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the official Yes campaign.  (Read the purpose of Counterfire at the end below).

Making clear where his allegiance lies, Meadway presaged his article with an image of the Yes campaign’s logo, a movement led by the SNP and its backers in big business and finance.

Independent Scotland Corrupted

Were local Scots aware that much of the ‘Yes’ campaign was being controlled from New York?  Indeed it was orchestrated by one World Socialist, Jordan Shilton, of the World Socialist Web Site, 202 Allen Street, Buffalo, New York 14201, United States ?

Read the socialist propaganda from the non-Scot:


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So desperate were the No Campaign, that last minute Gordon Brown was summoned to save the vote.

Brown spoke impassioned at Loanhead miners’ club. ‘We are making a decision for the children of Scotland.’

Brown promised what he couldn’t deliver – new devolution powers for Scotland, under a 12-point plan, with a tight timetable with tough deadlines and streamlined procedures.
The “Gordon Brown’s initiative” was all hype, and no doubt Labour paid him handsomely for his public enlightenment from retirement.

Gordon Brown speaking at Loanhead miners' club on the Scottish Referendum

Leftist parties like Counterfire and the Socialist Workers Party maintain a firm alliance with the trade union bureaucracy, in which many of their members are firmly ensconced. The trade unions have worked to betray every struggle by workers over the past three decades and helped demobilise any opposition to the social counter-revolution implemented by the ruling elite since the 2008 financial crisis. They have long enjoyed a parasitic role as political apologists for the Labour Party and are now seeking a similar arrangement in Scotland with the Socialist Workers Party.

None is interested in Scottish Nationalism.

The Left Wing Scottish Socialist Party presented its “Case For An Independent Socialist Scotland”

It’s global socialist position was that “the referendum offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to establish a left of centre social democratic state.”

So organised was the Scottish Socialist Party that it formulated some 26 targeted campaigns no less to garner a Yes vote for Socialism not Scotland:

Scottish Socialist Party’s sites of Leftist affiliation:

Marxism Today

True Scottish Independence was hoodwinked by World Socialists with their own anti-Scottish agenda.

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The British far left and Scottish devolution in 1979


Who is Counterfire?

The Constitution of Counterfire

What is Counterfire?

“Counterfire is an organisation of revolutionary socialists. We work in the trade unions, student movement, and protest campaigns to link together different struggles, push them forwards, and build resistance to the system.

Counterfire members have played a key role in the Coalition of Resistance, Stop the War, and the student revolt.

A world system in crisis

World capitalism today faces an intractable crisis. The financial crash is tipping Europe into depression and the Third World into starvation. The militarisation of relations between states is a clear and present danger to world peace. Uncontrolled global warming threatens climate catastrophe. These threats to the lives and wellbeing of the great majority of humanity are rooted in a system geared to production for profit and the enrichment of the few. Instead of the chaos, exploitation, and violence of competitive capital accumulation, we need a system based on democracy, equality, planning, and human need.

Change from below

Real change has to be fought for through action from below. We cannot rely on either politicians or bureaucrats to change things for us. We have to build broad, democratic organisations of mass resistance among workers, students, and the poor. We have to use the weapons of class struggle – demonstrations, strikes, occupations, and other direct action – to make real gains. The power of the banks, the corporations, and the state are ranged against us. To make permanent gains and bring about radical social transformation, revolution will be necessary, in which the repressive state, with its police, prisons, and armed forces, is replaced with a new order based on mass democratic assemblies.

United mass resistance

To prevent effective resistance, our rulers and their media attempt to divide us. We must stand together in solidarity. We must reject all forms of prejudice based on race, religion, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation. We must unite all working people in a single struggle against the rich and powerful. And we must build links between working people here in Britain and those fighting back around the world.

A revolutionary organisation

To do these things effectively, we need an organisation of revolutionary socialist activists committed to building and shaping mass organisations of struggle like the trade unions, the anti-war movement, and the Coalition of Resistance. Counterfire is such an organisation. Our aim is to build local groups rooted in workplaces, colleges, and communities across Britain. The historical stakes have never been higher. We have a world to win. We have a world we must win. Counterfire is at the heart of the resistance. Join us.”


Cultural Marxism

Yet, Scots were not aware of this socialist subterfuge in their choice between ‘Yes’ and No’ for Scotland to be an independent country.