University of Western Sydney condones Hizb ut-Tahrir barbaric sexism

Female students wishing to attend the University of Western Sydney (UWS) better expect that they be treated as second class citizens.  Last night UWS staged an Islamic seminar by foreign Muslims extremist group from the Middle East, Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Women were segregated and asked to sit at the back of the lecture theatre at UWS in Sydney’s growing commercial ethnic enclave of Parramatta.

UWS sexist against womenSharia at UWS: women, goats and cattle sit up the back. Men up the front.

The Muslim students group at the University of Western Sydney last night where men and women were asked to sit apart. Picture: Facebook
At the propaganda event in Parramatta, men and women were asked to sit apart. The Daily Telegraph journalist, Ian Walker, attended the talk and sat with the women before being politely told “brothers to the front” and “sisters” to the back.

The women were ushered through a door marked “sisters” at the rear of the hall, while the “brothers” entered through another door and were told to take their place in “the front five rows”.  All women had to have head coverings.

Sharia Controlled Zone

Like Hell!  This is Australia.  Our rules!

This is the threat of multiculturalism, where foreign barbaric and backward cultures are allowed to take precedence over Australian values. It is Australian deculturation and it must be stopped.

Who wants to risk buying a coffee in the middle of Sydney’s Martin Place?

The seminar was organised by the University’s Muslim Students’ Association (MSA).

Hizb ut-Tahrir Islamic Propaganda

Like so many cash-strapped universities around Australia, UWS relies completely on foreign students to stay open because they pay cash up front.  The quality of education is a separate matter as few can speak English let alone understand the classroom instructions in English, or the assignments or the exam questions.

Like many universities across Australia now, many offer courses in Islamic Studies, which is offered in Arabic.  So many thousands of Islamic students have flocked to Australia to gain the qualification as a backdoor way of immigration.  UWS promotes itself thus:

“UWS is a university located within the multicultural heart of Sydney. Our university reflects the diversity of our community.”

University of Western SydneyWhere diverse sexism against women is excused


UWS promotes career opportunities in Islamic Studies:

“As an Islamic Studies graduate, you will be prepared to work in a range of areas where specialist Islamic knowledge is required. Possible job titles and areas include:

* Islamic community development officer

* political adviser

* foreign affairs

* immigration

* journalism

* primary/secondary education with further training”

Islamic Activist

It is a complete immigration rort.

And instead of Australian Defence Personnel fighting Islamic terrorists in the Middle East, the Labor Party lets the scum into Australia and no we have the crap downunder.

Instead of Australia upgrading its defence capability, Australian taxpayers are funding home security against the terrorists within.

  • The Abbott Government has just announced in the national budget that $1.1 billion is to be spent on our security agencies (ASIO/AFP) to tackle terrorism within Australia.
  • Another $22 million is to be spent on fighting online terrorist propaganda.
  • The Government is putting $295.8 million over six years towards the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) for upgrading ICT systems and strengthening its capabilities.
  • In addition, the mandatory data retention scheme, which became law in March 2015, will receive $153.8m over four years, with $131.3m of that supporting storage costs for telco companies.
  • The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet last night revealed the government’s plans to prevent another attack, including $545 million over the next four years to “support settlement and community cohesion”.  So us taxpayers are funding a half-billion-dollar program to teach migrants Australian values and English, provide accommodation services and help them access welfare to support efforts to prevent radicalisation.

At the same time, PM Tony Abbott, turns a blind eye to hate inciteful Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir peddling its anti-Australian extremist propaganda at Australian universities.

At the seminar last night, Shakila Sultana (43) of the group from nearby ethnic Westmead, said tried to justify the segregation of women saying,
“That’s our Muslim culture. We always have divided ladies and men separate.”

He ignores the fact that he is in Australia, not the backward barbaric Middle East.

Extremist speakers Wassim Dourehi and Muhammad Hoblos of Hizb ut-Tahrir, supported a pro-Islamic talk by Mr Dourehi who argued that social problems facing Muslims were the result of Western ideology.   Hizb ut-Tahrir overseas has been found to have supported Islamic State, ideologically and financially.    Wassim Doureihi blames their actions are in retaliation of foreign occupation of Muslim lands and also the killing of innocent Muslims by Western governments.

Muhammad Hoblos

Australia needs to immediately ban Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir.  Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has already recognised it as “a thoroughly objectionable organisation”, “un-Australian” and “un-Islamic”.

So have some balls Tony.  Ban the barbaric sexist bastards!  Get your priorities right!  Australians first not Islamists!

Hizb ut-Tahrir is banned in a number of countries. Add the scum hate group to a list of 19 other terrorist organisations.

Reclaim Australia from Islamism