Travada Blue Sodomy Pill lets faggots poojab with HIV impunity

Faggots all ready for New Years Eve and well ahead of Sydney’s faggot fest mardi gras in March 2017, a new blue pill encourages poojabbing without the HIV natural termination.


Introducing the Truvada Blue Sodomy Pill, otherwise technically branded Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or ‘PrEP‘ for short.  ‘Pre-exposure’ is LGBT-speak for ‘before dick jabs shit’.

So it is a blessing for faggots who hate condoms because they luv the sensation of ‘dick-in-poo’ that comes with sodomy.  And when the shit hist the fan the blue pill apparently stops HIV AIDS.

PrEP is a recently developed HIV prevention drug where HIV-negative individuals use anti-HIV medications to reduce their risk of becoming infected if they are exposed to the virus. They are all ‘negative’ individuals.

It’s just an additional tool for deviants to swallow, along with all the other depression and associated party pills they consume daily because of their warped condition.


Truvada Whores Abound

In little Britain, faggots are branded slags for popping the blue and doing even more risky sex, like bestiality.  Poojabbing monkeys in deepest darkest Africa is when Ebola started up.

Of course, Sydney poofs think it’s all the rage according to website Same Same (read ‘Faggot Faggot’).

More than three decades after the outbreak of HIV/AIDS in Australia, the risk of contracting the virus still lingers in the minds of many gay men because they don’t use condoms.

Research from Sydney’s Kirby Institute has shown rates of unprotected sex are on the rise.  meanwhile, La Trobe University in northern Melbourne is the epicentre of LGTBI deviance and a HIV wet spot.

Mr Spencer, 23, admits to occasionally having sex without a condom but says he feels much more relaxed about it since he began using PrEP.

“It just takes away so much of the stress and anxiety associated with the sex that we have,” he said.

“It can pretty heated and passionate and you make all sorts of weird decisions during those moments, especially if it’s fogged by alcohol or other drugs.

“Now we’re not afraid of HIV anymore because we’ve got something to stop it.”

Truvada whores are a new phenomenon as the blue pill becomes a promiscuity license to sodomize.

A certain poof, red-ringed Mr Gordon, rejects the suggestion gay men are using PrEP to justify their own.

They’ll be bending over with the Vaseline in alley ways.

Mummy bought me PrEP for Xmas. “I’m so proud, out and active now.”


Sydney’s poojab partier, Robert Grigor, has been on PREP a few months now and is taking a daily dose of Truvada.

“To receive PrEP at an affordable cost, and have that high level of HIV protection it provides, is a pretty good thing for me,” he told Same Same.

“I feel great taking it. I don’t have any anxiety about it – in fact, taking it has greatly reduced my anxiety about HIV.”

“My sex life is better because I’m not constantly plagued with worries and concerns like I once was, and I feel like I’ve actively taken control over that part of my life, as much as possible.”

Someone needs to come up with a replica placibo for mass distribution in Darlinghurst.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Truvada for PrEP use in 2012.

Bangkok Tenofovir Study have trialed the blue sodomy pill on lady boys in Bangkok, who luv to bang cock and inject narcotics, and found it curbs HIV spread amongst the faoogt population.

Australia recently set itself an ambitious goal: put a stop to new cases of HIV by 2020.

Bring out the placibo and let the faggots succumb to attrition and that goal may well be possible.

When I got my prescription, it was a hugely emotional moment. And what my doctor said to me was “you’re doing an amazing thing”.