Albino Aboriginal Tarneen Onus-Williams blatantly incites anti-Australian hate

Anyone downunder who hates Australia ought to follow Jeff Kennett’s advice “buy a one-way plane ticket.”

Baudeclaire and Milton‘?  – inferences the Black Devil Incarnate ‘Tarneen da Hateful’..presumed ‘LGBTTQQFAGPEDOBDSM+ ‘

Best to Run!

Kooree Youth Council leader Tarneen Onus-Williams (no Aboriginal name) on Australia Day January 26 2018, stomped in front of Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station and spewed the following diatribe by megaphone:  “Fuck Australia, I hope it burns to the ground”


Someone ought inscribe it on her early grave. 

Without invasion welfare, this hate-filled Third World albino would be enjoying a pre-1788 physique.


Morbid Obesity is defined as >200% of ideal weight or 40kg overweight

That’s why they needed the Ute and a Palfinger tail lift.


So where’s da Minority Rights Commission in cahoots with the police to prosecute her incendiary hate speech on January 26 just gone?

Minority Rights Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane:

“The two White lads in QUT deserved it and the White lads in Bendigo also deserved it.  But she’s not White so therefore immune from prosecution. Coz we only prosecute White Australians. That’s why my job is so cushy on $350,000 a year. Whites have been so tolerant.”

Feeding the chooks of da leftard Grievance Industry…”what do we want, when do we want it?

The only thing traditional about this fat bitch is traditional anarchism.  Hypocritically, she hates Australia while happily receiving Centrelink welfare benefits by claiming 1% Abo, and disability pension for being morbidly obese.  She’s scamming income from being on da Victorian government’s Kooree Youth Council and Aboriginal Interim Treaty Working Group (except she doesn’t quality because she’s never actually worked).

Notice the anarchist fisting symbol on the t-shirt?

Anarchists are clearly driving the simpleton uneducated black fellas like they’ve got nose rings – anything to further anarchy.

Stolen White taxes prop up Aboriginal lifestyles, without whom Australia could deservedly be a wealthy self-sufficient nation. Aboriginal welfare saps Australian taxpayers of $30 billion every year.  This race-tied rort needs to end and be the same as what needy White Aussies receive.  Else it’s just another leftard scam promulgating White guilt apartheid.

  • Time to ban the Aboriginal flag as a seditious symbol of anti-Australian hate, just like the Nazi flag
  • Withdraw White Australian taxpayer funding of Kooree Youth Council and Aboriginal Interim Treaty Working Group
  • End Aboriginal welfare
  • Charge Onus-Williams with hate speech or abolish Bob Hawke’s race-grievance Human Rights Commission

Paid to Wallow in Misery

by Bernard Gaynor, January 26, 2018,

‘There she sat and complained about white fellas.  You could think that she did it up the front of a national newspaper printed by white fellas and named by white fellas. And that it was in a story written by a white fella. With a photo taken by a white fella.

And you could assume that in this story she was in a park paid for by white fellas with white fella money and in an economic system created by white fellas. Or that the bench upon which she perched was crafted by white fellas and that the clothes she wore conformed to the fashion of white fellas.

And you could consider the roads in the background and conclude that they were built by white fellas and that the trees were planted by white fellas. And that the path at her feet was laid by white fellas.  And you could see that she sported white fella make up and a white fella hairstyle. And she carried the name of a white fella. And then this arrogant woman, who is the face of the ‘Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance’ (WAR), with white fella words, said:

“People say they’re celebrating a great country. Celebrating a great country, Australia, has come at a loss for so many people, especially Aboriginal people.  Most people who think this is a great country are white people.”

And if you thought that she was a hypocrite, given all the great things made by white fellas that allowed her to act like a bratty teenager, you’d be right.  But that’s not the whole story and not even the more important part of it, because if you thought that all of the things that resulted in this story were made by white fellas, you’d be wrong.

No doubt these advances are all here because the British arrived in 1788. But somewhere in that chain of events behind this story are Aboriginals – lots of them.

And the perpetually unhappy activists diminish their contribution to Australia every time they whinge. On 26 January our nation should recognise all those who built Australia. But, instead, we get fed a lot of rot that would have us all believe Aboriginals have not contributed anything at all to Australia because they’ve had it all stolen from them.

The real damage to Aboriginals is being done, not by white fellas, but by pouting other Aboriginals who want to prevent the ‘reconciliation’ that they pretend to demand. These same people deny the reality that most of them would not even be here if wasn’t for the non-Aboriginal blood coursing through their veins. And they want to deny the reality that those with Aboriginal heritage have long been, and been able to be, active citizens of this nation in every sense of those words.

Greens Leftard Campaign for 2018: fuel da Grievance Industry!

It’s time to recognise something about Australia Day.  It is pretty much the single largest benefactor of the grievance industry. Without this annual day, we would not have the annual media cycle and these people wouldn’t even have their 15 minutes of fame. (Greens need relevance).

It’s time to recognise something else about the grievance industry too.  It is an industry of grievance. Without grievance, there is no industry. This sorry lot have a vested interest in being unhappy and wallowing in misery. And they love nothing more than getting all high and mighty about how disempowered they are.

Greens anarchists have black fellas in TOW by the nose ring

They don’t want to recognise equality of opportunity when it’s on the front page of the national newspaper and whacking them in the face because to do so would put them out of a taxpayer-funded job in a taxpayer-funded industry.

We’re literally paying this mob to be sad.  And that’s why her colleague said this:

“We want it (Australia Day) to be abolished until there’s something to celebrate. It’s never going to be OK to celebrate it on any other day.”

These are the words that reveal a truth. The debate over Australia Day will never go away while taxpayers fund the grievance industry. There will be just as many other problems with the other 364 days of the year. Even if they’re all ‘Sorry Day’ followed by ‘I’m Sorrier than the Last Day Day’.

They’re the words of a tribe that will never celebrate anything except more power and money and opportunity to whinge- for them of course. It looks they’re embracing the white fella world after all. Or at least the one that the pale and pallid sorry sacks known as the Greens live in.’

Pre-1788 Idyll?  Or 60,000 years of humpies, hunter-gathering and domestic violence?

White Guilt Welfare by the billions

“We don’t say sorry, just where our next White Cheque?”

Pre-1788 Dreaming

“The Commonwealth of Australia shall mean a White Australia, and that from now henceforward all alien elements within it shall be diminished. We are united in the resolve that this Commonwealth shall be established on the firm foundation of unity of race”.

-PM Alfred Deakin 1906 

Best thing that ever happened to Terra Nullius


Bring on next year’s Australian Victory Week of celebrations!