Australian Homestay and granny flat slum network for backdoor migrants

Wanna bit of sly cash on the side?  Put that backyard shed to good use.  Slap on a coat of paint, go down to Vinnies and pick up some cheap second-hand mattresses, then phone Australian Homestay Network and tell ’em you’re open for business!  You’ve got cheap lodging for a mini-bus load of backdoor migrants.

Move over Airbnb, don’t just rent that spare room.  There’s gold in them thar Granny Flats – squeeze ’em in and reap the rewards.



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Homestay’s your stay at home nice cash earner.  Scam up to $600 a week according to how many tiny asian students you can squeeze in. The tax office need be none the wiser, cos it’s in ya own backyard!

And ten thousand stay-at-home Aussies doing it can’t be wrong!


Sleeps 10, close to transport, includes WiFi


Australian universities now depend entirely on full-fee paying cashed up foreign students to stay open. Actually, the estimate is that foreign student cash totals $6.5 billion a year to the Victorian economy alone.   So why do they keep calling them ‘Australian universities’?

The Australian Homestay Network was set up during Labor’s Kevin ’07 era, run by an entrepreneurial franchise of do-gooders seeing this as foreign migrant cash for jam.

There’s a constant supply of desperate foreign students from Third World countries invited by these cash-bribed universities providing stuffy places only as a backdoor to immigration. No-one would ever employ them on their plagiarised degrees.

But the foreigners all need accommodation in Australia with access to the respective university, yet all the normal accommodation is taken.

So enter Australian Homestay Network and the pop-up Granny Flat Industry – all in for a cut in Canberra’s backdoor migrant boom policy.


Although, it seems that some fussy asians have been kicking up a stink in Melbourne complaining about lack of privacy, no space, no support and slow broadband.

There’s no pleasing some people.  So what do foreign students need privacy for?  There are no guests and so no ethnic smelly parties and no hanky panky!

Life in an expensive city like Melbourne and Sydney ain’t easy.   What does a mini-bus load of foreign students expect from just $600 a week?

Try leasing a uni dorm to find out what real ‘expensive’ is.  It’s more likely $800 a week rent and that’ll only get you a furnished room, 3 square meals a day, token vacuuming and WiFi.

There’s always the Bush option – beggars can’t be choosers.

(Sleeps 15, track access, satellite access)


Anyway, twin share has become all the go and what’s wrong with a curtain turning a lawnmower shed into an extra bedroom?  Why do foreign students need a desk anyway in this computer age?  Laptops are called what they are for a reason.


Cindy Zhao (from guess where) is with the Council for Backdoor Illegals.  She reckons “They are getting exploited by the employers a lot, and afraid to report it because they feel like they jeopardise their visa.”  Sahil Puri (from guess where) is now a graduate of Victoria University, who surprise-surprise registered as an Australian citizen on the afternoon of graduation.

Sahil reckons, “It’s a very hard life outside the university, and I personally have gone through a lot of things. Like homelessness, being exploited. I struggled a lot in my early stages.”

Like Cindy (not her real name) and Sahil (his real name) say it’s because Australian universities have cut back services for foreign cashed up students, made support staff redundant and outsourced student accommodation to Homestay.

Laughing:  One big happy family now because Beijing parents wire cash weekly. 

(“Me golf swing’s never been better!”)


The Australian Homestay Network (AHN) website reckons it’s Australia’s largest Homestay provider, claiming that 10,000 Australians have seen the light.

Homestay boss Tina Holland a management consultant based in leafy Brisbane, said she got a call from Labor in 2006 as Rudd Labor was beckoning mass influx of illegals. The flow of backdoor migrants has since been unrelenting, like the university cuts for funding.

Tina’ never looked back.  She claims she’s committed to ensuring that a Homestay experience “is an enriching, secure and memorable cultural experience for both guests and hosts.

Tina has become a Labor’s Third World mass immigration policy beneficiary; perhaps an Emily Lister.  She’s now a millionaire out of the racket and candidate for one of those non-pecuniary political rewards, a Companion of the Order of Australia, like Julia Gillard got automatically.

Tina Holland

(Happy Homestay migrant-slum millionaire)


Yet perhaps not all Homestay hosts are coping.  In Adelaide last night, retiree Donald McColl running a granny flat Homestay still couldn’t afford Labor Premier Jay Weatherill’s renewables ideology.  So trying to keep warm, his cheap dodgy fire burnt his house down.  The 65-year-old retiree of suburban Netherby had six of the foreign students shoved in his granny flat in a secure compound out the back, making a tiny cash earner.

Yet despite the extra cash on the side, he old man couldn’t afford South Australia’s renewable taxed power – the highest on the planet.  May be he should have had a full mini-bus load of them packed in even under an awning?  That might have managed to pay Weatherill’s climate change power bill.

Tragically, the man’s son perished in the blaze

(Six foreign students trapped out the back)


Yes, in these times of economic downturn, desperate Aussie families are taking in foreign students to supplement their depleted budgets.  In the past 12 months, Australia’s main homestay service provider, Australian Homestay Network, has reported a 20% rise in foreign students from Third World countries seeking to stay with Australian families to improve their English and have a landing platform into the country.

It is blatant backdoor immigration, and Tina Holland is acting as a dodgy defacto migration agent.  On the one hand as Prime Minister Tony Abbott signed off on 12,000 Syrians for free welfare in Australia for life.  Then as PM Malcolm Turnbull did a dodgy deal with U.S. President Trump take in an unspecified number of Costa Ricans, while not obliged to take the economic illegals on Manus and Nauru.

Turnbull’s Costa Rican swap

(“Hey Tina, we can breed better in granny flats”)


The Homestay tax scam offered by Tina is that all Aussie hosts need do is provide the students (aka backdoor migrants) with rent-free accommodation with a room with a bed and ‘desk’ and just two meals a day and not be a registered pedophile.

In exchange, Homestay scams $1,000 a month from the government, plus a secret undisclosed commission.


Australian Homestay breakfast staple

(and Meal #2: Homely canned baked beans located in your cupboard)


While most Homestay hosts abide by the industry’s rule of no more than two overseas high school or university students per household, Homestay coordinators say some seek to exceed the limit considerably, hence the boom.

Homestay co-ordinator for Queensland, Janet (not her real name), has been fixing up foreign high school students with host Aussies since Tina launched a decade ago.  She said some hosts take in the foreigners only to pay mortgage repayments, not out of any altruism.

“It has happened where we’ve had Homestays that have wanted students to help pay mortgage,” she said. “There could be four schools in the area that they [host families] could be registered with. “They would attempt to get a student from every one of those schools.” We’ve had Homestays that have wanted students to help pay mortgage.

Tina Holland works closely with the universities to house their foreign cash students and says Homestay hosts with more than six students were not unheard of.

The hidden Granny Flat solution

(Sleeps 20, discrete access, low maintenance)

Rudd’s Dunkirk-inspired ‘Big Australia’

(Strata serviced apartments, gated community, short-term stays)


In 2012, Rudd Labor promised it would pay Australian hosts up to $300 a week to temporarily house Third World illegal boat people as part of facilitating the increasing flood of boat arrivals to Australia.

At the time, Australia’s Immigration Department was facing a critical shortage of accommodating boat illegals.  Not only were all the Labor detention centres full and overflowing, but Labor’s illegal sympathisers’ “community housing” up taker were full also.

It was then that Rudd Labor turned to Tina to host 5000 unvetted illegals on bridging visas, registered under the privately run Australian Homestay Network (AHN) so as to free up detention centres for more arrivals.  Tina had approached Rudd Labor in 2011 to house Greens-Labors Third World illegals direct on arrival, so as to ease pressure on all Labor’s detention centres.

Rudd’s Immigration Department confirmed it would pay for security vetting and training for families which want to take up the offer.  It will also pay a weekly stipend of between $220 and $300 to families to cover food and board for detainees.

Nearly 30,000 boat illegals were released by Rudd Labor into Australian communities without public knowlege, lest approval.

Upon Rudd’s Community Placement Network plan, Tina became one of Labor policy’s leftie millionaires overnight.

The container Granny Flat solution

(Sleeps 25, free parking, convenient to local footy matches)

The muzzie Granny Flat solution

(Sleeps 30 ensuited, security, outdoor leisure)

The family reunion visa Granny Flat solution

(Quite cul-de-sac, renovator’s delight, north facing)

The outback Granny Flat solution, inspired by Cold Chisel’s ‘Circus Animals’ album

(Level block, loud noise not a problem, satellite access)

And for those on bridging visa who invariable get convicted of rape and murder…

The Granny Humpy solution

(This week’s bargain. Best offer!)