Fairfax County, Virginia keeping the looting niggers out

Locals sending roaming nigger looters a message to stay out of White American neighbourhoods.

Every time some criminal negro pulls a gun on police and police rightly respond, kneejerk niggers get all offended as if black lives matter.  Then just as night follow day, just as niggers leave school and collect their first welfare check, niggers riot and loot.  Loot and riot, riot and loot. Beats working for living.

Well many White Americans have hand enough.

In 2014 when da niggers rioted and looted Ferguson Missouri, Mayor James Knowles observed most who smashed, looted, burned and destroyed the city were out-of-town niggers.

Mayor James Knowles:

“Once the vigil dispersed, the people who showed up saw their numbers and got really brave, then people started driving in from other areas to steal stuff.  A lot of them aren’t even from our town; but they came in and stole from our businesses and left our town in ruins, and made it look like there are racial tensions here that simply aren’t what they made them out to be. Such a shame that we have people with an axe to grind, coming here to grind it.”

Then niggers using Twitter posted saying the looting was a negative for the community and should have been done in “white” neighborhoods.

Looters“, said “Madam Nori,” are “tearing up their own neighborhood instead of terrorizing the white neighborhoods.

They “need to go to the white people’s area and start looting,” wrote “Groovy.”

Another said: “I simply wish black folk would riot white neighborhoods.”

EastSide” said: “You tearing down yo own community like what ? At least go mess up the white neighborhoods stuff !!!!!!

Dylann Roof on the Red Bridge at Magnolia Gardens Charleston South Carolina